Hear my son; hear my daughter the instruction of the Lord.

In a previous post, I pointed out the benefits and blessings of seeking wisdom as we are instructed to do in the book of Proverbs. I continue now to look at the value of teaching the wisdom of this book to your children.  Children are likened to little sponges.  They are going to soak up whatever you pour over them.  Your three year old can use technology as well as you can, or at least as well as his grandparent can. He can sing songs, repeat commercials and many of your own comments.  And.. he can also learn God’s Word!  Do not neglect teaching him verses beginning at a young age.

When our children were elementary school age my husband began reading Proverbs with each of them.  He chose the month of their salvation to be the month that he would read through Proverbs with them. Of course, we had other times of verse memory and Bible stories, but this was each child’s special time with their daddy to read Proverbs.  Each day 1 chapter would be read and discussed, so by the end of the month they had finished the 31 chapters. Year after year this was their practice through high school.

We saw how, over time, these words really sunk into their lives and hearts. For example, Proverbs was a platform for teaching sex education for one son as “rejoice in the wife of your youth” and “have nothing to do with the prostitute who awaits in the street.” were read and discussed.  Our daughter commented on why she had turned down a date with a certain young man because…”she was to have nothing to do with an angry man”. There were numerous such applications that could be seen in their lives.

So I encourage you to teach your children Proverbs. Use whatever method God leads you to use. Be consistent and do it when they may not be all in… It will definitely be worth your time. God’s Word will not return void. Prayerfully trust God to work these truths into their hearts. An added benefit will be that you will come to know this book really well.

After writing this, I asked each of our now grown children how studying Proverbs in this way affected their lives…  Their responses to this question will be in my next post.     So stay tuned….