Wisdom is life to my inner self…   Wisdom is  a gracious ornament to my outer self…

look at here Our world today does not put much store in wisdom.  Knowledge, education, power, success, prestige and independence are some  of the qualities today’s woman pursues. But, I say above all these pursue wisdom.  The book of Proverbs is filled with  instructions and lessons of wisdom.  We do well to read its’ words, soak in its’ truth and give life application to it. Join me as we look at just one chapter in the book of wisdom.  We will see the many blessings of being a wise woman. Look with me now in Proverbs 3.

rencontre csh Personalize these words to your own heart, as you hear your Father speak them to you. “My daughter… forget not my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments.” (verse 1) AND THE BLESSINGS WILL BE; “My days and years will be worth living. Inward and outward tranquility will continue through old age.” (verse 2)    “I will find favor, good understanding and high esteem in the sight of God and man.” (verse 4) “It will be health to me physically.” (verse 8)

read review “Happy (blessed) is the woman who finds skillful and Godly wisdom.  She gets understanding as she draws it forth from God’s Word and life experiences.” (verse 13) “Her ways are highways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.” (verse 17) “She is a tree of life to those who lay hold of her.  Blessed is everyone who holds her fast.” (verse 18)

best dating app adelaide Wisdom is life to my inward self. Wisdom is a gracious ornament to my outer self.” (verse 22) “(In wisdom) I will walk my way securely and in confident truth and not stumble.” (verse 23) “The Lord shall be my confidence, firm, and strong and keeps me from being caught in a trap.” (verse 26) “I will not be afraid when storms come.” (verse 25)

additional info ” God’s very own confidential communion and sweet counsel are with those who are upright and right standing with Him.” (verse 32)  “He declares our home joyful and favored with blessings.”  (verse 33) So… why don’t we pursue wisdom if all these blessings can be ours as a result of apprehending it?  Proverbs 3 also includes our problems in the pursuit of wisdom.  I “lean on my own understanding instead of acknowledging Him and letting Him direct  me”. (verse 5-6)      I am often “wise in my own eyes.” (verse 7) and  “I forget God’s law.” (verse 1)

rencontre pour mariage en allemagne In order for these problems to not keep me from becoming a wise woman, I must hold….”Godly wisdom as more precious than rubies and nothing I can wish for can compare with Her.” (verse 15)

how long dating first kiss Question:  Do you value God’s wisdom like this? Is wisdom more important than that new dress, piece of jewelry, or new home?  Do you shop for and seek wisdom more than anything else?

site de rencontre vivastreet As we read Proverbs, we find not only wise sayings, but we also come to see Jesus in it’s pages, for He is Wisdom personified.  His Life in us gives us the grace, the power, and the strength to become a wise woman. “And a woman who is wise inherits glory.” (verse 35)