God laying in a wooden trough, born to die on a wooden cross,

Though it is good to look upon the face of the  Babe,

The One Who came down from His throne,

But remember the story did not begin there

Nor does it end there…

So look into the past and then see beyond,

And don’t miss the message of the manger.

God swaddled in flesh on a journey prescribed long ago,

In earth bound dress, like us in every way,

Except never by sin swayed.

God laying in a wooden trough, born to die on a wooden cross,

To be both the Lamb and the Priest,

Victoriously battling death, He gave us peaceful relief.

And though the angels sang and the shepherds knelt nearby,

The moment was a somber one,

For this baby was born to die.

To die for sins He had not done, to end the curse as God’s own Son,

To bear the bruise but crush the head,

To take my sin and shame instead.

That Bethlehem night so long ago,

Shines through the ages to us all,

The manger was not where it all began,

But in the heart of God, long beforehand.

When Eden’s gates closed, the plan was in place,

To open them again in the name of grace.

So when we look at the manger and consider its’ babe,

Do not miss the message that brought us the WAY.

Jesus opened the door, He brought us peace,

At a great, great price, He put salvation in our reach.

The wood of the manger, the wood of the cross ,

The nails in His Hands, the nails in the trough,

It all is the picture, the whole story must be seen,

Don’t miss the message, it must be received.


Hebrews 2:17- Therefore He had to be made like His brothers in every respect, so that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people.