We, as parents, must do our part in helping our children leave us.  For when they marry they are commanded to “leave mother and father and cleave to each other”.  To what extent and how easily this is done depends much upon us, as their parents.  Have we prepared them to leave us?  Throughout their life with us, have we given opportunity to take steps to leave?

God places children into our care that we might raise them “in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord”.  Even while they are very young, we spend time and effort preparing our children to leave us.  Our goal is that our children might be Godly, responsible, and self sufficient adults who can live without our care and out from under our authority.  Hopefully, when they marry and begin their own unique family unit they can move seamlessly from us to each other.  Will there be adjustments on both sides? Yes, but that is just what must happen.

How can we do this?  We can accomplish this letting go process:

1. When we do not need to be needed by our children..

2.  When we have not made our children the most important “thing” in our lives.

3.  When we wrap our own significance up in their dependence  upon us.

Ask yourself if you consciously or unconsciously do this…

So whether your child is two or twenty, the process of letting go must be implemented.  Initially, the steps are small and gradual but eventually, the final step must be loving and final.  Let go…

You still love, pray for, and encourage your children but you must let go to give them room to establish their own family and home.  Just as the parent birds push their babies out of the nest to spread their wings, let HIS wind catch them, and allow them to fly their own course, we too, as their parents, must extend this final blessing to our children.  So let them go and let them fly!