image   Like a Lock and Key….


” A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh.”  This verse is spoken by God in Genesis 2:24, by the Son in Matthew 19:5 and by the Holy Spirit through Paul in Ephesians 5:31. Do you think it could be important?  I think so…. The truth stated in this verse is of utmost importance as it is applied to the marriage relationship.  The lessons in leaving and cleaving will be looked at another time, but I want us to focus on the goal that God wants us to work toward in our marriages….. to become one….Oneness.

  In  our world of individualism, isolation and independence, the concept of two becoming one is often foreign to our experience.  But it is in our coming together in oneness that we most reflect the image of God. A husband and wife each bring a plethora of differences to the marriage; different personalities, backgrounds, not to mention the totally different outlooks just because of being male and female. Our Father God wants to somehow knit these different colored threads together into one masterpiece that brings glory to HIM and causes each marriage partner to grow and become better. So why is pursuing oneness so difficult?  Why do we compete rather than complete each other?  Why do we thrash out in our differences rather than embrace them?  Why do I want to change my husband to be more like me? Who made me judge?  After all. two identical people make for a boring, uninteresting relationship. If we are just alike, then one of us is unnecessary…

   So I encourage you to celebrate the differences rather than destroy and bury them.  A lock and a key are totally different shapes, having different functions but when each yields to the other and  fulfills the purpose for which it is made… doors are unlocked, new horizons open before you and new adventures begin.  These totally different implements are meant to work together and come together in a oneness that not only gets the job done, but does it smoothly and effortlessly. As we each embrace our beautiful differences, our ebb and flow, our highs and lows , our quirks and giggles, it can be a holy adventure in becoming one that reflects His image in a greater way than we could have done singly.