There is a wonderful story in the second chapter of John about a wedding.  Jesus and His disciples had been invited to a wedding.  This was not just an event of a few hours but could last for several days.  We know the story of how the host had run out of wine and Jesus’ mother, Mary, decided to remedy the problem and she knew just who could do that!  Jesus seems reluctant at first, but gives instructions to the servants to fill the large jars that usually held water meant for washing.  He tells them to fill them to the brim.  They do what He says and the water the servants had poured into the jars becomes fine wine. The host is saved and the wedding continues with finer wine than was served at the beginning. This is the very first miracle performed by our Lord Jesus.

    As I pondered these verses and their applications, I saw how we can apply this story to our marriages.  The points of this application are simple but profound and when put into practice may very well be life changing or maybe we should say marriage changing….

               Invite Jesus to your marriage… every day.

               Do whatever He says do…already written in His Word.

               And do it to the brim…obey completely.

               Quickly obey…no second guessing.

                Then watch for the miracle….when the ordinary becomes a miracle.

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